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Toltec Survivor

In this podcast, Koyote the Blind talks about his unique experiences and insights on the Great Work, magick, mysticism, shamanism, and the spiritual path.

These are Koyote's words to you, directly to you, without distractions or buffers. Koyote speaks directly from the heart about all things that his consciousness has learned and seen.

These are the words of a Toltec Survivor, unmediated and directly from Koyote to you. Enjoy!

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Never Eat Steak in the Afterlife

Sep 10, 2019

What happens when you begin to break free from the hypnotic state of the Tonal? You lose the protection of sleep because you are no longer useful to the Great Magician. You become exposed to the real. The proper response is to learn to navigate, to become a warrior, and to evolve.

In The Teachings of a Toltec Survivor, you are witnessing the unfolding of an artifact of esoteric work, but it won’t do anything on its own. It requires your attention, your intent, and the awakening of your essence for the Great Work to unfold its true glory.

The conditions for this artifact to unfold have to be right, just like the conditions of soil, sunlight, and humidity must the right for the seed to sprout, so the conditions of history, humanity, and attention you pay to this process must be present.